The Young Living Difference

I love naturopathic medicine.  I loved my experience studying naturopathic medicine at Bastyr University in Kenmore WA.  Herbs and homeopathy and physical medicine and counseling and diet and supplementation and flower essences...the hard sciences, the natural health sciences...I love them all.  However, what was glaringly lacking was an education on essential oils.  Whenever the topic of essential oils came up, they weren't spoken highly of and so my initial introduction was marred.  

Fast forward to when my son experienced a severe developmental regression and I whipped out all of the tools I learned about in school.  Nothing worked.  Nothing worked.  Nothing worked.  Then by a stroke of divine timing, I met a Young Living Independent Distributor who gave me her business card.  

It took me four months of unlearning the misinformation of "essential oils" - those that are adulterated and not true oils and then relearning what a pure essential oil can do before I decided to order.  When those bottles finally arrived at my doorstep, my life was forever changed.  An essential oil can reduce the body burden, whatever that may be...physical, emotional, or spiritual.  And Young Living is the only company that offers what it says it offers - pure, unadulterated, therapeutic-grade essential oils.  When addressing something as serious as a developmental regression, I need to know that an oil will work safely and effectively.

I promise you from the very depths of my soul that nothing compares to the quality Young Living produces.  There is a timeline for new oilers; a before and an after.  Before is when you see a bunch of crazy people raving obsessively about the miracles they've experienced and you are skeptical because that just cannot be true.  And after is when you cross over that line of skepticism, start using the oils, and experience miracle after miracle of your own.  You simply will not have that experience using an inferior oil.