The Abundant Life

The abundant life is one filled with an overflow of love, of joy, of happiness, of friendship, of gratitude.  It is also a life filled with the constant inflowing and outflowing of tangible resources.  The image that comes to mind for this overflow of resources is Scrooge McDuck swimming in his vault of gold coins minus his greed and stinginess. When we hoard or become fearful, the inflow of abundance stops.


Abundance is an all-sufficiency of supply.  Money is simply the effect.  When we concentrate on the effect, we are forgetting the cause, and when we forget the cause, the effect begins to diminish.  We must begin this very moment to stop believing that money is our substance, supply, support, security, or safety.  Money is not - but God is.  God really is our infinite supply and support.  So if you haven't made good with God, now is the time.  When we understand and realize this Truth, the supply flows uninterrupted into perfect and abundant manifestation.  It is essential that we must look to God alone as THE Source, and take our minds completely off the outer effect.  If we give our power to external things like our job, employer, spouse, or any other mortal as the channel for material resources, we are imposing huge self-limitations.

The abundant life for each individual is the Will of God.  God is the source of all prosperity and is forever providing us with whatever we need in abundant measure.
Money itself will not necessarily make a person happy - but a prosperity consciousness will bring forth poise, confidence, contentment, peace, joy, and freedom from the fear of lack - in addition to tangible supply.
What we want is a spiritual understanding that God is our all-sufficiency of supply in all things.  Thus, money becomes a spiritual experience. 
"The Abundance Book" - John Randolph Price 

What are your limiting beliefs around finances?  For me, it is the memory of my father working countless hours and my mother receiving an endless supply of boxes from QVC.  I would feel so frustrated and angry that she spent his money on what I viewed as impulse purchases.  And I have one very vivid memory of her sitting on the floor crying, cutting up credit cards and old bills.  How has the translated to today?  I feel limited by the mortgage-sized student loan debt that sits accumulating interest from my time spent studying naturopathic medicine for a degree I did not complete.  And I feel frustrated because all I wanted to do was help humanity in the only way I knew how.  I also have a resentment of accumulating things for the sake of accumulating things and the absurd cost of basic necessities for simply maintaining a minimal quality of life.  I am currently reworking my thinking because that's a lot of negativity and I am not a negative person!  

To change your world, you must change your consciousness.  Think of it this way: What you are experiencing in life are your finite ideas projected into materiality.  However, behind what you see is what Spirit sees, and that Infinite Vision constitutes the Reality.
"The Abundance Book" - John Randolph Price 

A note on Abundance Essential Oil - 

There are many books on the Law of Attraction and Biblical teachings on Prosperity.  "The Abundance Book" by John Randolph Price above is one such book.  I have read and enjoyed many as part of my own personal growth, but one of the simplest book on the matter is β€œIt Works: The Famous Little Red Book That Makes Your Dreams Come True!” by RHJ originally published in 1926.  

There are Three Positive Rules of Accomplishment:

  • Write down a list of desires you want for your life; read this list three times each day: morning, noon, and night.
  • Think of what you want as often as possible.
  • Do not talk to anyone about your desired goals and outcomes until after they unfold.

Abundance Essential Oil Blend exemplifies the true power of synergy.  Together, the component oils of this blend are magnified in vibration, creating the law of attraction and the energy and frequency of prosperity and plentitude.

Diffuse it.  Breathe it in.  Use it and be blessed in the areas where you need abundance in your life.

  • Orange EO brings joy, security, peace, and happiness.
  • Frankincense EO contains sesquiterpenes, which stimulate and elevate the mind, overcoming stress and despair.
  • Patchouli EO - legend has it that Patchouli traditionally represented money and those who possessed it were considered wealthy.
  • Clove EO was also possessed by those considered wealthy.
  • Ginger EO was highly prized in ancient times and amplifies the law of attraction.
  • Myrrh EO was traditionally used in royal palaces by the queens during pregnancy and birthing conferring a sense of dignity and stateliness.
  • Cinnamon Bark EO was an oil of wealth from the Orient and was regarded by the emperors of China and India to have great value.
  • Spruce EO is also believed to posses the frequency of prosperity helping to relieve emotional blocks, bringing about a sense of balance. 

So I leave you with these thoughts to meditate and pray on because a grateful heart and unconditional love can move mountains - My heart overflows with thankfulness and joy the majority of my waking hours.  I have totally forgiven everyone and everything in my consciousness.  And I am practicing unconditional love with everyone in my life.  I give with love, joy, and a sense of fun!